5 Most Believed Weight Loss Myths by Men

5 Most Believed Weight Loss Myths by Men

The thought of weight loss medicines comes after a long time listening to your heart, eating whatever you wanted & got overweight, right? Who will not want to get summer body back by shedding kilos or build a lean body with dashing cuttings and pumps?!

Making some positive changes in the diet and workout is desired but some health-related myths circulating in your mind can make you their victim. This equally applies to those who take weight lifting supplements.

Do weight loss medicine really work?

Weight loss is always associated with some myths (everyone has their own, undoubtedly) & we’re about to discuss the most common ones. Make sure that you don’t let them in your lifestyle plans.

Five Weight Loss Myths every Man should burst away!

  1. Egg Whites is a smarter choice

Most weight loss plans include power breakfast with eggs but some weight loss enthusiasts avoid yolk and consume egg whites only. This happens because of the belief that eggs are too high in cholesterol but the fact is that yolk is the nutrient powerhouse of the egg. Nearly half of the egg protein is contained by the yolk. So, if you have egg in your breakfast and avoid yolk, you’re missing out on healthy bodybuilding vitamins and nutrients.

If you consume more than two eggs regularly, then only you should stress on this fact.

  1. Fat Loss can be aided by cutting calories

Winning fight against flab is a myth developed among men relying on the calorie-restricted diet plan. Weight loss is influenced by many factors like:

  • How much your calorie intake is?
  • What type of food do you consume?
  • The type of weight loss you seek?

For instance, having a poor quality diet and counting on calories will make no sense. You should know that weight loss medicines will only work if you do. When you have junk food then there are chances of you losing muscles instead of fat and you’ll end up suffering from a slow metabolism.

  1. More Protein Intake = More Muscle Building

It’s a known fact that proteins are a must for building muscles and the best supplements for muscle gain is also available for the same. Instead of blindly following this fact, you should know that once your daily protein requirements are met, the excess intake is not going to do any extra for muscle development. The excess consumption of protein will either be converted into fat or used as energy by the body.

  1. Muscle Mass Loss is an age-affected factor

It’s not true at all. When you’re used to regular muscle training sessions with lean mass building agents like Savage and focus on a proper diet then nothing can make you lose muscles even with growing age.

  1. Real Men never Diet

Some men strongly believe that they don’t need to diet but the fact is that men do diet but differently. The daily overall saturated fat consumption of men should be less than 15% to consider it as a healthy one. Women, in turn, avoid saturated fat completely during their weight loss journey. Having saturated below the said proportion aids men to avoid testosterone depletion.

Hope you got them clarified with this reading. Feel free to reach us if you have any queries or want to buy the best mass gainer supplement.

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