How to plan your rest days?

How to plan your rest days?

Rest days are savage for gym freaks. You have been feeding your body with weight lifting supplements, multi-vitamins, and the toughest workout regimen. But, don’t forget that your body is not a machine and it needs some rest too.

We are always told to have an active lifestyle and workout regularly. Keep in mind that a successful fitness regimen is incomplete without rest days. Your body needs a regular break to relax and repair. No matter which fitness level you have reached, you should take rest days. Moreover, skipping rest days may lead to overtraining or burnout.

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Benefits of Rest Days

  1. Allows Recovery Time
  2. Muscle Fatigue is prevented
  3. Risk of Injury is reduced
  4. Performance is improved
  5. Supports Healthy Sleep

Get your Rest Days Done Right

Your lifestyle outside exercising and the intensity and frequency of your normal routine defines how your rest day should be. The following are some guidelines to be incorporated on your rest day.


You may choose leisure walking or slow dancing instead of light cardio. This is also advised by doctors too. When your workout routine includes moderate or vigorous aerobic activities, taking a break every 3-5 days will boost your mood. If you don’t feel like taking rest this frequently, you may try gentle stretching some days.

Body Building

With the best supplements for muscle gain, you have streamlined your body goals but most weight training also incorporates rest days to let the muscle repair. Alternatively, you may work out by setting exercising on a specific muscle group at a time. You can let this set rest every two days so your muscles get time to heal. Assign a day for each body part so your different body parts get time to relax.

Weight Loss

You must know that weight loss medicines are consumed with a thought that it is affected by one’s lifestyle too. Regular rest days are so recommended when you are into losing weight. By allowing your muscles to rebuild and grow, you will burn more calories at rest. This happens as muscles burn more energy than fat. After this break, when you’ll be up for working out, you’ll be refreshed to stick to your exercising schedule.

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