5 Ways to Improve Post-Workout Recovery

5 Ways to Improve Post-Workout Recovery

Post-workout recovery is as important as your hard-core training sessions. You have been using qualitative bodybuilding vitamins, best supplements for muscle gain, weight loss medicines or any such supplements that enhance your workouts.

You would not want to let your efforts in vain, right? It’s grinding time at the gym and that post-workout feeling after setting your glutes on fire is matchless. Your real work starts after the gym sessions but the irony is that most women fail to realize this.

Intense training sessions tear your body apart. All the damaged muscle tissues are repaired when you rest and proper post-workout routine ensures you come back stronger.

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Here are some ways you can benefit more from your workouts that you already do.

Five Ways to kick your fitness up to a Notch

Use the Foam Roller

Stretching after working out is important & doing it with a foam roller is an excellent technique for breaking up scar tissue from exercising. Blood flow will be stimulated and muscle tissues are loosening to reduce post-workout pain. You can even add it to your daily workout regimen as foam rolling keeps you supple and aids to side-step from injuries that may happen in the long run.

Have Enough Proteins

To have enough proteins, you first need to break the myth that proteins are only for those who want to bulk-up. Have a good shot of post-workout protein shake giving a rush of amino acids to your muscles to jump-start recovery. It also helps you balance your daily protein intake. You can ask your trainer regarding your daily protein requirements according to your lifestyle.

Eat Real Food

You must be having pre-workout and post-workout supplements which are good but your body needs to be fuelled with real food after an hour you have worked out. After you have worked out, it is the best time for your body to absorb carbs. Even if you are on a low-carb diet, make sure to include fresh veggies or fruits rich in antioxidants and more of such micronutrients helping your body recover faster and also taste yum!

3 Common Mistakes with Pre-Workout Supplements

Rehydrate Well

Sweating reduces water levels of your body during exercising and if you don’t rehydrate properly then it may affect your muscle’s ability to function. You may ask your trainer to recommend a post-workout rehydration drink for optimal recovery. There are a lot of sugary sports drinks and even sports nutrition supplements available for this purpose or you may drink coconut water.

Take 10

Remember that life is more than training stress and personal problems. If your gym is at a walking distance then try not to take your vehicle. If it is not, you can have a stop to spend at least 10 minutes to de-stress after work out and have some ‘me-time’. This is essential because the hustle-bustle of life often leaves you rushing. Sparing only 10 minutes on the way will help you regain a sense of calmness.

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